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Fifty SHADES OF LOVE Tristan's New Year's Surprise by R.M.Simone' ARC Sample read FREE



Fifty Shades of Love, the RIDE. A BLONDE SURPRISE for TRISTAN for NEW Year's...The story is set in NYC with a newly published author, Gabriella Savannah Trudeau working on her dream and goals of the literary climb. She stands in for her best friend Shelly in a photo shoot that is modeled after the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. The stage is set to meet, tall, amazingly handsome, charming, successful entrepreneur Tristan Green Montgomery of NYC. The moment he sees her electricity flies and she is ready to bolt. What follows is his changing the entire layout shoot, which is for his man of the year award in business, into making her feel safe, comfortable and creates a moment for her.

This is a trilogy of series and sample Arcs.
It starts with the FSOG and quickly moves off this topic into this relationship of two independent NYC people. He had visions of meeting her before they did and she did not see him coming. ShArc SAMPLE Free Kindle UNLIMITED reade writes romance stories, with a guarded heart of her own. Too good to be TRUE? Maybe a relationship made in Heaven?

Tantra is part of this.

What is TANTRA? Steamier then erotica and not BDSM....GOOGLE it..

Fifty Shades of Love Book 1
Fifty Shades of Love PASSION Book 2
Fifty Shades of Love GRATITUDE Book 3

Arch samples are Fifty Shades of Love Earl GREY MORNING
Fifty Shades of Love THE HAMPTONS
Fifty Shades of Love BOUND
and now Fifty Shades of Love TRISTAN'S NEW YEAR'S SURPRISE